5 things to do if you’re a single pringle this Valentine’s Day.

So, it’s slowly approaching. That time of year where all the love doves get super lovey dove-y and everybody who is single at some point or other wonders why they’re so. Valentine’s seems to just be a reminder of your single-hood but why does it have to be! Here are 5 other things you could be doing:

1. Being miserable.

I’ve stuck this on my list because inevitably, some people will be but I hope if you are one of these people, you can read on and see something else to do worthy of your time. In the words of Taylor Swift, only the haters gonna hate and you my friend are no hater.

2. Going out and Getting drunk.

While I’m not saying you have to get mentally wasted to drown your sorrows, I am saying that you should have fun! Grab some of your single friends and prepare to sing, dance and celebrate your freedom! Why have a Valentine’s day when you can have a PAL-entine’s day (terrible pun, I know.)

3. Staying in.

As like most of my Valentine’s I have usually stayed in by myself but this isn’t a bad thing! Use the time for some well needed me-time, whether that’s having a massive pamper sesh, watching the cheesiest 80’s rom-coms you can find (my favourite) or unashamedly eating your weight in pizza and chocolate. This is a day to love yourself, so make the most of it with no regrets!

The result of a previous Valentine's day...

The result of a previous Valentine’s day…

4. Tinder-ing.

I understand that some people will still be hung up on their lack of companionship so if you really need to, jump on the dating app wagon and get chatting. While I have never been a serious user of Tinder, I’m sure connecting with people who find you attractive can’t be a bad thing?

5. See 50 Shades of Grey

I myself don’t know how I feel about the book, having not read it, and the film so cannot offer any advice on whether it is going to be good or bad. But hey, it comes out on Valentine’s day! Grab your girlfriends and have a probably hilarious movie trip.

6. Do nothing.

This is my sneaky sixth option because quite frankly, it is probably what a lot of people will be doing. This year it’s a Saturday, so treat it like a regular Saturday! I for one will just be working and I’m perfectly fine with that. If you happen to get a mysterious card from ‘?’, that just makes your day even better!

As a final note: Remember, Pringles come in packs. You may be a single pringle but you are certainly not alone!

Possibly my weirdest pout ever.

Possibly my weirdest pout ever.


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