Arriving in Denmark!

The time finally came around! The only reason I set up this blog was to document my Denmark travels and well, I haven’t done a very good job until now!

The night before jetting off was literally THE WORST. I am really not a fan of flying at all and the looming thought of flying alone to a country I have never visited was terrifying. However, after a long and tearful farewell, I left my family behind and set off on my biggest adventure yet! Of course, the flight had to have a bit of turbulence to shake me up but touching down at Aarhus Airport was relieving to say the least.

The classic 'I'm above the clouds' shot!

The classic ‘I’m above the clouds’ shot!

First Impressions? Well from above, everything looked tiny (DUH!) but in the way that everything was spread out and there were not many roads – quite different to the birds eye view of England for sure. The instant smell for me was of farmyards but then we had touched down in a field anyway! After struggling to understand what bus to get to the University, I managed to find a fellow Aarhus Uni traveller from Scotland and we together managed to take the scenic route with our huge bags and suitcases to the International Centre to pick up our keys. Luckily we JUST made it on time and I left him to head off to my accommodation which thankfully wasn’t too far away.

Plenty of pretty parks

                Plenty of pretty parks

Now, when looking at the accommodation pictures online, I think I took them a bit too literally for what I expected to get. I did have the balcony and the bed but things were not quite as expected; especially the vast amount of bugs I’ve since been swatting to death. While I wanted to stop and rest, I was in desperate need of an IKEA trip, with no bedding etc so off I went again.

Super excited for my balcony! Just need a chair…

I am now on Day 3 of my stay since arriving in Denmark and I still have things to buy! I have managed to talk to quite a few flatmates, though it is very confusing trying to work out who actually lives here and who doesn’t and I already know it’ll take me a while to catch on to everyone’s names but oh well! They have all been really helpful and lovely so far which is just what I needed as the only newbie. Another interesting thing is that everyone in my flat is Danish. I assumed I would be put in a flat full of International students but I think this’ll be beneficial in terms of getting to know the country and the language which I am not too good at. Luckily, every single Dane I have met in shops and accommodation seem to speak perfect English which has been especially useful!

Things I need to remember though is to check translations before shopping. I was stood in Netto’s for a good 10 minutes trying to work out which of the meats was Chicken. And in IKEA I ended up buying the wrong size duvet covers for duvets. I also need to remember not to stick too much to stereotypes. I assumed Denmark would be cold, at least much colder than England and right now I have been suffering a heatwave!

I’m definitely looking forward to next week (Intro week) as while it’s nice to settle in and live with Danish people, it’ll be nice to meet up with people who are new to the country and in the same boat as me!

Until next time!




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