ARoS Art Museum

Before I even arrived in Aarhus, I knew I wanted to visit ARoS Art Museum and I am soooo glad I finally got around to doing it. After meeting up with two girls from my buddy group and a friend from home, we began our exploration of the gallery and I can only recommend it to anyone who visits the area.


Predominantly an art gallery, the museum had many floors which resulted in the two hours of allocated time we gave ourselves being definitely not enough! It offers everything: constructivism art, abstract art, neoclassical and modern. However, while I definitely appreciated many of the works, I had my favourites. The first has to be the obvious rainbow walkway above the museum. The circular runway gives you a 360 panoramic view of the city in every colour and was absolutely beautiful. My second favourite was the ‘smoke room’. I cannot remember its exact name but in entering a room, you would be surrounded by a coloured mist. I found it incredible how the colour almost blinded you into only seeing that shade which heightened other senses such as hearing – the only way I managed to find the exit! It was a tranquil moment which was very clever in it’s approach on the ‘viewer’ of the art installation.

Of course, I took a billion pictures so here they are!

The Rainbow Panorama





IMG_20150825_154530 IMG_20150825_154256


The Smoke Room


IMG_2779 IMG_2780


Spectrum Shapes


Other Artworks


IMG_2748 IMG_2765





Annnnnnd some guilt-free selfies to finish it off…

IMG_27361 IMG_20150825_155012


I already know that I will definitely be returning in October to finish the exhibitions I missed and to see the new Monet exhibit, so watch this space!


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