Aarhus Festuge 2015

So, it has been a while since my last blog post but I have just been SO busy that I did not have any time to spare! Therefore, some of these posts are going to be a little late but I felt they were important in terms of capturing the fun I have had.

Now, for anyone who plans to do a year/ semester abroad in Aarhus, I cannot recommend going to Aarhus Festuge enough. As a cultural, art festival which lasts the whole week, I have seen many art installations and seen some great musicians which has been great in terms of getting to know the culture as well as serving as a warm welcome to the city. Unfortunately, I really did not see as much as I wanted to (there was so much on and money was an issue) but what I did see, I shall share with you here!

The Unofficial Opening Ceremony


IMG_20150827_210045      IMG_20150827_191511

This was the ‘music’ festival that started off the beginning of the week. As International students, we got free entry which was brilliant and we began with our newly found Danish ways by drinking pints of beer. I have to say I’m really not a fan but with it being the cheapest drink to get, it can’t really be argued with! The event itself was very relaxed and the music was great, especially the music by Tina Dickow, a Danish singer/songwriter. Back in England, I would often go to local music events with my Dad to check out new musicians and being able to do this with basically every Danish musician was pretty cool! A note to self though: the weather in Denmark is unpredictable. By 9pm we were absolutely freezing which was a bit frustrating but it didn’t ruin our evening in the slightest.


While in the City Park, we also saw the art piece ‘Intrude’: Giant inflatable, light up bunnies scattered around the park. I absolutely loved this, with the bias of a love for bunnies, but it was an amazingly effective piece in the dark which was pleasing to both children and adults. It was such a cute idea and I think it worked really well.



The Sofa Experience

When I heard of this, I was super excited but I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed. So disappointed in fact that I didn’t even bother taking a picture. I expected to see a load of sofas where everyone could sit together but in reality it was a long plastic bench. The idea I think was lovely but when actually presented, it looked very plain and anti-climatic.

We Are Not Real

Moving on swiftly therefore to We Are Not Real. This was such a powerful piece. On the ground lay some dirtied, waxworks of people while a sign read a poem:


This concept shows these ‘unreal’ people representing the refugees drowned, and the poem draws attention to this. While they are unreal, their story is an extreme reality of those trying to escape danger. Along with this was a basket of fortune cookies, each one holding a statement from a refugee:


The respect felt for these ‘people’ was incredible, with fortune cookies being thrown away uneaten as the horror and daunting truth left you unable to even think of eating at such a time. It was incredible as a work of performance art and stood out to me thus.


The Food Festival

This followed a week after but was a cute little Saturday excursion where we were able to wander the food stalls and eat our weight in cheese (seriously)! At 60DKK the tickets seemed a little pricey but for all the freebies they gave out, I can understand why it had to be so. I would definitely recommend this to anyone on exchange as a nice trip out with friends to throw yourself further into the Danish food culture, especially if you are struggling with some of the Danish flavours about (SALTY SALT SALT!!)



IMG_2799      IMG_2791



Now, technically this wasn’t a part of the Aarhus Festival but was still a really fun event as a part of the Introduction to Aarhus University. And once again, if you ever visit the city and fancy a fun day out, this is the place to be! As your typical amusement park, it is pretty self explanatory but I will leave the pictures here, just to entice anybody who fancies it to visit themselves. Even if most of it is of food!


IMG_20150903_174108    IMG_20150903_181635    IMG_20150903_192222



And to end the post, a picture of me struggling with beer – I WILL LEARN TO LIKE IT AND BECOME A TRUE DANE!


Until next time!


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