The Tour du Chambre

Now, this happened a week ago exactly and I had planned to write this last Sunday. However, being in such a lazy and terrifically hungover state, it was no surprise that it did not happen. As you may have already guessed, this is a drinking game.

Despite its French sounding origin (Quick google translate being ‘tour of rooms’), this seems to be an extremely Danish game that I swear everybody I have met since I have been here has played within their residences. The basic premise is that as a dorm, you go room to room spending roughly 15 minutes in each. Behind each door is a theme, a drink and a drinking game of the host’s choice.

First, let’s talk about the theme. I had a friend who had their Tour du Chambre the week before and they shared with me how it went down; particularly the originality of the themes (oh, and the fact she had passed out at an unknown time by the end!). There was a feminism theme, an old person’s theme, a baby theme etc etc. With this in mind, I really felt the pressure to come up with something incredible and with the international student budget, I’m pretty sure I disappointed! In the process of coming up with an idea, I went through British, Irish St Paddy’s Day, Viking, Techno Viking (not sure where I was heading) and eventually went with the classic Oktoberfest.

Why did I choose this option?  1. It meant an easy drink of beer, cheap beer, and a lot of it.   2. It was actually the end of Oktoberfest in Germany so it seemed fitting.   3. I had an Oktoberfest party to go to afterwards anyway (though I never made it that far!) and   4. With the end of Oktoberfest came super cheap decorations. In the end my theme was basically just ‘cheap’.

If you ever get invited to a Tour du Chambre, I would 100000% recommend though I would advise, above all things, to pace yourself. The night started out with a few beers, going from the theme of the Aarhus Football Team, to Oompa Lompas with those cool tablet things that alter your tastebuds to taste things sweet rather than sour. The American Teenage Beauty Pageant brought bikini modelling from the guys and talents and the Beer Olympics brought the classic beer games (and it turns out I am a QUEEN of beer pong!) The Farmyard theme meant the team milking of a cow and pin the tail on the pig and then the night ended with more drinking games. All the themes were extremely impressive, with great activities and as the night went on and with the mixing of drinks, the booze kicked in heavily. In fact, by the time it got to my room (being second to last) some people and myself especially were too drunk to care and just drank 😀

The Olympic Flame

The Olympic Flame

I also have to disclaim that I am not a fan of beer. However. The more drunk I get, the more cocky I become about being able to down beer as I can no longer taste it. Therefore as a result, I drank waaaaay too much and by not even 1am, I had already thrown up (TMI) and passed out in bed. The shame.

My view the next morning...

My view the next morning…

However, I cannot deny the fact that I had an awesome night! It was a great chance to hang out with my flatmates and a great way to really test my limits! But for next time, and there will be a next time, I plan to ace my theme and stay standing by the end. We’ll see how that goes…

(P.S. ignore the unrelated feature image, it turns out when you are insanely drunk and having fun, pictures don’t get taken!)


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