Den Gamle By

This little old post is going to be a bombardment of photos because what better way to share my experience from such a lovely day. Den Gamle By in Aarhus is an open air museum which takes you from the 1700/1800’s right through to the 1970’s (my favourite part!) After checking it out on TripAdvisor to see how long it would take, APPARENTLY 2-3 hours, my friend and I set out on our journey to the Danish past.


First stop, the 1700/1800’s! Now, I didn’t really know what to expect but I was surprised to find how similar the ‘life’ in Denmark was compared to the various open air museum portrayals I have seen in England. To be honest, it was something I just should of know with the similar European culture! We were able to enter people’s homes, workshops, shops and offices and explore the old rural culture of the time. However, my favourite part of this era was the colourfulness of the buildings, which brought me the stereotypical image of the Danish street I was expecting to see across the whole of Aarhus. This made the streets look so beautiful, quaint and warm which highly contrasting the extreme cold I was feeling in my numbed out fingers (Note to self: buy some gloves already!)














Through the cobbled streets we went, passing the horse and carriages, geese and all sorts before reaching the era that was the 1970’s. I can definitely reconfirm that if I were to belong to a different time, it would HAVE to be the 70/80’s – the styles were so cool and I may have got way too excited about the groovy decor and furnishings. Again, we explored the homes of people living there at the time and the shops. I even had the joy of embarrassing myself when trying to pronounce the Danish for ‘rhubarb’ sweets: rabarber. I think every Danish person around us had a good laugh at that!














Weaving back, after stopping by the poster gallery, we returned back in time to explore a huge mansion before heading to the gift shop and finding our way out. How long did we take to make it around? Oh y’know, only ABOUT 4-5 HOURS. And even then we were running out of steam by the end so flew by the last few exhibits. All in all though, it was an amazing day out and I would recommend it highly to anyone visiting the area. It indulges you in the rich Danish culture and history whilst providing a super fun outing for people of all ages. While I do not think I could do the whole museum again in a rush, I definitely plan on visiting again at Christmas for their famous Traditional Christmas exhibits. I’m feeling Christmassy just thinking about it!







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