The Autumn Break: Odense

Yet again this was a while ago now but having hit the final month before essay stress and dealing with an overwhelming travel bug, I thought it would be worth posting and reflecting on my amazing October half term. First stop: ODENSE.

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Odense (I honestly still have no idea how to pronounce it) is remarkably the third largest city in Denmark and resides on the island of Funen. I say remarkably because it did not feel ‘large’ at all but living in a small country like Denmark makes it unsurprising. With the university having an awesome free car rental service, we booked out the car and started our adventures.


Now Odense, as you may or may not be aware, can be most associated with the glorious Hans Christian Andersen, the author of a great many childhood classics. Therefore, you can assume I was very excited to be visiting his hometown! However, despite the great excitement, it was pretty disappointing to find the museum dedicated to him and his childhood home was very VERY costly for us poor students. So, with great reluctance, we decided to give it a miss and explore the rest of the city.



The rest of the city, especially in the area surrounding the museum, was beautiful! I have said this many times but it was the vision of what I had expected the whole of Denmark to look like, with the timber framed houses in the garish yellow that I love! We spent a lot of time just wandering, popping into various shops and galleries to inspect what was going on.







Odense also offers a lot of art features and sculptures, which we found in the city itself and from exploring the huge park.







Another item on our tour that was extremely cute and hygge was a small antique shop run by the sweetest old man. If I ever remember the name I shall edit it in as it was definitely worth visiting, if only to get some penny sweets or postcards. It was full of utensils, vintage childhood toys, the strange wicker clogs I keep finding and was a lovely place to visit to escape the bitter cold outside.





And of course, the first of many as you will come to see: churches. I visited more churches than anything else over the autumn break but that you will come to find in my next few posts. They are often just beautiful buildings and worth checking out to see what kind of gorgeous interior they hold.






So that was our trip! We were only there for a day so I’m sure if we had spread further from the centre, there may have been more to see but it was a lovely excursion nonetheless!






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