The Autumn Break: Copenhagen

This is the third and final installment in the October break adventures (only 1 month late)! I was super duper excited to finally visit the capital of the new country I am now calling home and it was amazing what we managed to fit into a day and a half.

_20151017_103513       _20151017_103452

So, from training to Copenhagen from Malmö, we first headed to our hostel and OMG it is by far the best hostel I have visited to date! The downstairs, which was a lounge/bar/foody place was absolutely lovely and full of hygge with a large cosy bed area to chill on and quirky interior design. The dorms themselves were just classic dorm rooms but the people we were staying in a room with were so friendly so the whole atmosphere in the hostel was amazing.





From there, a friend and I traveled to a comic con style convention for our university course (long story) before heading back to start our drinking for an awesome night out. Now, in hindsight, we maybe should have organised the night better than we did but the night we had was still an absolute laugh. We didn’t end up leaving the dorm til 2am and headed to a small bar called Amigo Bar. The reason we chose out this bar was that A) there would be a cool jukebox and B) It was a Eurovision bar! One of my friends found it for me and as many people know, I am a massive fan of Eurovision. However, this wasn’t really the case. There was a jukebox but it was more like a computer screen and Eurovision music was available on it but I never got round to playing it! We did play quite a few classics and instead seemed to befriend everyone at the bar, who seemed to gravitate to our loud drunkenness. I have to say, we had such a good night but if we had left the hostel earlier, it would have been nice to explore even more of the nightclub scene Copenhagen had to offer. Next time! We eventually got back to the hostel and had a very limited sleep before the huge day of exploration to come.

The next day, with everybody hanging, we actually managed to cover a lot of Copenhagen despite the rubbish weather. We did so much in fact, I’ll just have to list it here:

1. Nyhavn







2. Christiansborg Slot



3. Frederiks Kirke







4. The Little Mermaid


5. Christiana Fritown

Unfortunately, no pictures allowed! But there was the Christianshavn Church Tower nearby.


6. A Random Gallery I Can’t Remember the Name Of




7. Places Along the Way

We passed so many cute areas and beautiful sculptures and architecture on our walk around the city.













Copenhagen was absolutely beautiful and I am already planning my trip back in a couple of weeks for Christmas! See you soon Copenhagen!


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