First Snowfall!

This is just a little post of excitement from a Brit who was way too thrilled at the arrival of snow in Denmark! I instantly turned into a big kid, prepared my vocals for a bit of Frozen’s Let it Go before heading out into the white wonderland as soon as I possibly could. I had always anticipated snow in Denmark, being a colder and more northern country compared to the sea spritzed south coast of England. However, I never expected it to arrive so early (NOVEMBER?!) and for it to lay so thick! It is definitely the thickest snow I think I have ever experienced. So, armed with camera, I ventured out into the beautiful bright city.

It was within the next hour and a half, my love of snow dwindled (but only slightly!) First off, the buses were of course delayed so I had to wait 30 minutes for any bus. Then, jumping on the first bus that arrived, I ended up heading in the wrong direction and had to get off before battling the blizzard to reach my destination. This may sound super petty to anyway who is experienced with a climate like this but I just was not prepared! When it snows at home, I go outside, play, build a snowman and then head straight in and watch Christmassy movies in the warmth under blankets. However here I was being hit in the face full force and had to switch between walking backwards, walking with my eyes shut and running in hope of getting inside sooner. When I did arrive at my friend’s for a delicious brunch, I really thought I knew what botox felt like: I could not move my face.


Nevertheless, my love for snow still remains. I couldn’t lose it even if I tried what with it still being a beautiful rarity to me (and I did a good job at making my sisters jealous!)Β I can only raise one question from this whole experience…


I saw so many cyclists, even at it’s worst and was incredibly surprised by their perseverance. If you are Danish and even thought of fighting that weather then you, my friend, are truly a viking.



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