This was my second and final proper stop before heading home to old GB over Christmas (which feels like forever ago now, uni work is getting the better of me!). Unlike with Hamburg, I didn’t really set myself an agenda of any sort with the exception of a couple of places and therefore pretty much took the city as it came.


Staying just off of the Red Light District (oi oi), I was in a great location and after a well earned rest set off on another walking tour. I figured what with the first being so good, the second would also be awesome. However, I didn’t really feel I got THAT much out of the tour. It was a different company and we were a small group of 4 so maybe that made the difference – I just didn’t feel like I was able to see as much as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I got super hyped on Amsterdam’s gorgeous buildings with the leaning houses and of course the beautiful canals.

Of course, like I said, I definitely had some priorities for the trip. One of which was the Anne Frank Museum. I actually headed there in the early morning before my walking tour in order to hopefully skip the queues I’d read about – which I did! I would recommend to anyone to get there equally as early. The experience itself was extremely precious. Having read Anne Frank’s diary as a teenager, it was somewhere I had always wanted to visit. It was harrowing and yet beautiful, learning about the unity between the family and friends that aided in their hideout as well as gaining a further understanding of how difficult it must have been – being there really brought it to life, with the original old bookcase to the annex and the creaking floorboards they couldn’t move on during the day. Respectively, no photos are allowed inside, but a took a couple of pictures from the outside.

Another place of keen interest to me was the Van Gogh museum. I love my art so it was a must for this trip. Again, no photos but I have to take pictures outside of the classic iamsterdam sign!

All in all, Amsterdam is a beautiful city, I just didn’t feel I had enough time to make the most of its nooks and crannies. While I did still manage to visit the places I really wanted to, I could definitely pay it another visit!


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