The Spring Break: Bergen

Following the most beautiful train journey from Oslo (see previous post!) I arrived in Bergen! I was only in Bergen for 2 days but made the most of it that I could. Also, I had the fun of arriving the Easter Weekend, so unfortunately quite a few places I wanted to visit were closed and the weather was appalling but nevertheless, I had the most amazing time!

The first day was the most jam-packed for me. Leaving the hostel at 8am, I wandered through the streets of Bergen, admiring the various statues, sights and the view surrounding the city.

But first stop came the tourist information (for which my Dad would be pretty proud of me for browsing). Here, I was provided with all the information on where to visit in Bergen and it was also here that I bought my ticket for the Fjords Cruise. When I saw the price, I was a bit shocked for someone who was trying to save as much money as possible but OMG IS IT WORTH IT! The boat takes you on a tour along the fjords with the audio giving points of interest, for example: you go around the only inland island in Norway, the fjords here served as the backdrop to The Golden Compass (2007) and there is a little prison island with 40 inhabitants. I’ll try not to ruin too much of the tour for you though! I was seriously struck with awe at the beauty of the fjords and the boat even slowed down and played euphoric music to match which was suitable and pretty funny. About half way, before turning back, the crew also collected water from a waterfall and gave a cup to everyone: that’s right, I had genuine Norwegian water. So, frickin’, exciting! It was honestly the most wonderful experience and I am definitely game to return to do the more adventurous, and of course expensive, cruises one day.



Next, I visited the famous fish market which, for your information, is directly underneath the Tourist Information. It took me way too long to find it despite passing it about 20 times. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything to eat there (I’m not that big a fan of fish and again it was a little pricey) but if you ever want the chance to try a whale burger… this is the place!


It was at this point, I had to change my plans what with the Easter weekend meaning the closure of half the attractions and museums so, what with the arrival of actual sun, I decided to climb Mount Floyen. This little mountain seems to surround the entire city and you can catch the tram up it for quite a reasonable price. But being on my holiday of adventure, I decided to climb it. I’m pretty sure the climb itself is quite straight forward and shouldn’t take tooooo long, but I wouldn’t know seeing as I seemed to take a longer route for hikers. While I don’t regret it (it made reaching the top seem like an even greater victory) it was hard work. But of course, the view was incredible the whole way up and reaching the top was worth it to see across the whole of Bergen.

The next day, the weather was awful with torrential rain and high winds so I decided to spend the day at the Bergen art museum: KODE. Made up of four buildings, the KODE had works of art from our Norwegian fave, Munch, to works by Picasso and various pieces by Classical artists.  Pictures weren’t allowed so none were taken but if you are someone who likes nitty-gritty, powerful art then check out Sukran Moral. While a lot of her pieces were disturbing and hard to see, they were very powerful and worth seeing for some clever art installations on contemporary and controversial topics.

This is where I give my tourist shout out for Bergen: GET THE BERGEN CARD. I can’t exactly remember the price for it was but I remember it being pretty darn cheap: you can ride the buses for free, enter exhibitions for free and do a lot… FOR FREE! It is 1000% worth it to fight the Norwegian cost shock and made life much easier for myself as a tourist, not having to work out the currency everywhere I went. Overall, Norway was sincerely one of the most incredible and beautiful places I have ever visited. It was so great that I am already planning to return to finally see those Northern Lights and take in some more of the incredible nature it has to offer. I LOVE YOU NORWAY!




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