Newspaper Culture 1-3

Why hello, it has been a while!

So, I am of course no longer enjoying my adventures on my year abroad but I have started the new and slightly more scary adventure of finding a graduate job. And seeing as my beloved little blog is still here and being unfortunately left untouched, I thought I might as well spruce some life into it with my Editorial work for the InQuire.

The InQuire is the student newspaper at my university. I signed up as a writer last September and with openings available for editorial positions, I decided to take the leap… and got it! Since then, I have been editing, creating and designing my section on a fortnightly basis. In fact, as a part of this, I’ve been keeping my flair for writing alive in order to fill out my section: all articles with my name, Josie Lilliman or Greg Taylor are me. I have really been loving the work I have done so far and genuinely want to continue in this frame when I graduate. But, I need to get my work out there so this is where my blog comes in handy! Here are my first three sections of the newspaper (click on the underlined to see) and an article I wrote for Lifestyle.

Issue 1: culture-12-6

Issue 2: culture-12-7

Issue 3: culture-12-8


Of course, more issues are available but the next three will be coming after the next paper gets published – only a week away!

I hope you enjoy giving them a read if you fancy and in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for a hopefully more dedicated Ellie; with graduation looming, it’s time to jump on all the platforms I have!




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