Newspaper Culture 4-6

As promised, I made it back to the blogosphere! Times are pretty hectic at the moment with uni deadlines left, right and centre and the impending doom of finishing in less than SIX WEEKS?! It feels incredibly surreal that after 20 years, I will finally be leaving the education system. While I am 110% ready to do so, I can’t help but feel a little nervous about the future. But hey! What will be, will be and right now I’ve got some more Culture sections to post up for you all.

Issue 4:Β culture-12-9

Issue 5:Β culture-12-10

Issue 6:Β culture-12-11

Once again, the above links are clickable for the pdfs! I edit the whole section and write everything that is in my name, no name or in the name of Josie Lilliman. I am loving doing the editorial work and it serves as a lovely little hobby to take me away from the day to day stresses. I also had the chance to write a review for the new Pigeon Detectives album:

But my favourite writing job so far? ONLY GOING TO LONDON FASHION WEEK!! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the House of MEA and Alexis Carballosa AW17 shows. I went as a guest writer for and have since written two articles on the collections. I also tried my hand at using social media at the same time, taking street style pictures and pictures/videos of the showcases. You can check out the styleldn Instagram with the username: styleldncom and my personal account for more with the username: ellie_weavr. I had the most fabulous time and I will be posting my reports on this blog shortly!

Keep your eyes peeled chaps, I’m on a roll!

Ellie xo


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