Let’s go to the Beach…

… each, Let’s go get away!

Couldn’t resist. Last weekend I went on a cycling trip to the west beach in Aarhus with a couple of friends and it was absolutely beautiful! Now, I’m not one of those people who went on exotic holidays when I was growing up and the only water I really saw was that in and surrounding England. So to see gorgeously clear water and sandy beaches with limited seaweed and an amazing view was extremely exciting for me. Aaaand it meant I took a load of pictures that I just have to share:

Snapchat-8086271360821173752      IMG_20150927_130553









IMG_2833      IMG_2856


The water was super cold but it warmed up the more you got used to it, which explained the people happily swimming about by the jetty. Kids were doing Yoga, we were having a picnic, it was so relaxing it was a brilliant excursion from the crazy amounts of reading I have to do for my course. It was also just off from a wood which was again, lovely to cycle through despite my bike and I struggling with any sort of uphill incline! However, the beach presented other differences which I found a little strange. For example, the tide didn’t go out or come in gradually. Instead, for about 5 mins, you’d hear the waves get really loud and big but by the time it had started, it would stop again. Also, there was very little wildlife. There were no shells, no crabs in any rock pools; it just seemed sort of deserted! Nevertheless, I’m not a fan of creepy animals so I wasn’t complaining! In fact, I hope to visit the deer park near there within the next two weeks (I’m gonna meet some Bambis!)

Until next time x


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