Alexis Carballosa AW17

‘Immerse yourself in the journey into the eternal expanse’ – Alexis Carballosa 2017 Alexis Carballosa’s AW’17 collection was rich with gorgeous gossamer, vibrant colours and outstanding silhouettes in his debut London Fashion Week show. Carballosa’s work reflects a unique combination of art and a love of nature, with a strong determination to preserve the environment embodied in … Continue reading Alexis Carballosa AW17


Newspaper Culture 4-6

As promised, I made it back to the blogosphere! Times are pretty hectic at the moment with uni deadlines left, right and centre and the impending doom of finishing in less than SIX WEEKS?! It feels incredibly surreal that after 20 years, I will finally be leaving the education system. While I am 110% ready … Continue reading Newspaper Culture 4-6